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In the past corsets were fashionable among women. Corsets were used to improve their posture and make it more lady-like. Nowadays they are used mostly for aesthetic purpose. Young girls wear them to feel more appealing and sexual. In the past they were laced by servants, nowadays spouses are usually those who bear that responsibility. They make it harder for you to breathe but in the past corsets that enabled riding a bicycle, playing tennis or horseback riding were designed. However, women are not the only ones who wore corsets; men also wanted to look good and had specially designed corsets for them. Take a look at some unusual corsets!

Half Bust Corset

This hot Leather corset is worth $600. If you want to wear it to a party
I advise you to take a couple of bodyguards with you.

Tattoo Corsets

You should buy this corset only if it matches your tattoos.

Green Feather Corset

This custom made corset won’t make you feel free like a bird,
but it will make you look like one.

Led Corset

The Led corset id the prefect outfit for the New Years Eve,
 it will get you in the festive mood.

Metal Corset

In this DolceGabbana metal corset you will look
 like Lady Gaga, and move like her, too.

Back/Front Corset

The price for such corsets is too high but it looks nice.
You can have one of these painful corsets on your front, too.

Beer Tab Corset

If you drink lots of beer, you can make one of these.
(non muslims only)

Darth Vader & Storm Trooper Corsets

These costumes are based on the costumes of Darth Vader & Storm Trooper.
The first one costs $600 and the latter $500.

Shirt Corset

If you are not like those masochistic girls and you don’t like needles,
 buy this cute shirt corset and you’ll feel better than the girls with dozens
of piercings in their skin

Alice Corset

You’ll look like Alice in the Wonderland wearing this corset.
And you won’t have to worry about the time because
you’ll have a clock on your chest. Imagine that.
(credit to

hahaha..ini lah antara corset yg semua ni tk same pon dgn pb corset..kan..
canggih macam mane pon still tk ade life time warranty..
comel or cantik macammane pon tk ade pon superbrands kan..
means mmg tk ade mane2 corset dlm dunia ni pon yg boleh lawan dgn premium beautiful corset ni..
pd sape2 yg minat nk beli pb corset ni just call or sms me ok..

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