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Testimonial PB Coset part 1


“Premium Beautiful is a product that will do justice to your body i promise insyaAllah with your determination and patience lah of course :) its not a product that will suffocate u or menyeksa u in any focuses 70% on your health and 30% beauty.
I was interested on PB because i found out it can:
1) melancarkan blood circulation
2) mengeluarkan toxins dalam badan
3) mengecutkan segala bendasing dlm badan (lumps, cysts etc)
4) firm up your body shape (bonts yang jatuh/boobs yang tak firm for those yang dah kahwin)

Basically i was drawn to these four i just want to see how it works on me.tawakkaltu’alallah, i purchased PB last month, on the 24th Feb.
at first pakai mmg rasa pelik..haha..sbb semua telah di-upkan :P the second day segala angin dalam badan sume keluar. after one week, i rasa healthy and energetic pergi kerja semangat tak menguap2 sume haha :P
and then came my period last week…to my surprise, i tak experience langsung2 period pain!cramp sume yillek!i was so happy with the results – terbukti it has improved my blood circulation cos there’s no ‘darah beku’(or whatever u called it lah) coming out..takde sakit perut…nothing!i even went shopping during my first day!kalau dulu ya Rabbi siap pucat2 muka tahan sakit, tak pun moody sbb tak selesa.i immediately called Salha (she’s even lucky!baru 2 months bersalin, pantang2 terus pakai PB and tadaaaaaaa she’s back in shape!!) and told her my experience..
another thing, let me tell u my little secret…im sure everyone of us ada stretch marks, kalau tak byk pun, mesti sikit…in my case, i have a 5KM long stretchmarks kot (if u sambungkan together) – hahaha that means banyak la!okok im exaggerating here…tak kisah la yang penting its such a turn-off thing.haha..i have ‘em because my berat dulu2 mcm yoyo..cepat gila naik and cepat gila turun.kulit pun tak sempat ckp ‘nanti!’ hahaha… but now alhamdulillah my weight dah stable and takde dah nak turun-naik sukati. but i still couldnt get rid of my stretchmarks!
you see, PB can do wonders…my stretchmarks, after one month of wearing it, dah pudar!i dont knw how to describe but basically dah 25% of my stretchmarks ikut skin colour. still it can be seen, but only if tengok and belek betul2 lah.kalau sekali ’scan’ mmg u’ll see only ur skin :)
happy tau!
for me, its a long term investment…cos it’ll be super useful once kita dah bersalin nanti.instead of using the bengkung that has loads of rempah ratus being put on to ‘panaskan’ and ‘kecutkan’ rahim, PB can do the same to u.and its not even panas/pijar or tak selesa.its can turn and twist 360..solat pun boleh macam biasa.unlike other corsets yang berlipat2,panas,gerak pun mcm robot jer, this can even be worn bila2 pun u nak, janji minimum 8 hours a day :)
my friend bersalin anak pertama used this bengkung + rempah ratus jamu2 from Indonesia, pastu ikat ketat2 sampai hitam2 terus stretchmarks kat perut (i tak pernah experience this, but kalau betul la, mmg horror ok!please let me know if its true that stretch marks can be hitam after bersalin!yikes!!) and after giving birth to her second child, stretchmarks yillek after using PB…2months jer guna..
she even told me that her n*PPle, from gelap/hitam, jadi merah2/cerah BECAUSE PB corsets allow good blood circulation @ breasts area..
and the best part is, it can betulkan ur posture(Kaem, bukan posture ‘kita’ tau! if u ingat la dulu2 mase bball haha!)..esp to those yang menghadap pc/laptop one whole day,sangat lah berguna.cos we tend to membongkok kalau cam dah penat sangat.but if you wear PB it will keep u up-straight and secara tak langsung it will sihatkan ur bentuk badan.amat sesuai untuk orang yang sakit belakang/sakit pinggang :)
the beauty part: of course lah sape taknak cantik kan..altho its not my priority but i’ll still get the result out of it :) u’ll be in better shape and kurus definitely sbb lemak2 telah dihantar ke tmpt yang sepatutnya and akan dibakar because PB improves and increases your metabolism rate :)
fuh, so i can regard this entry as my testimonial to PB lah :) so far alhamdulillah im happy with the results and i’ll share more of ‘em in the near future. As for now i will continue wearing it and let see how far it can go/satisfy me more in terms of improving my health :) hmm…and i cant wait to see the wonders it can do after bersalin nnt, wah thats a looong way to go!”….credit Salha
to all women out there who want to have the same beautiful experience like we both did just call me at 0129814649 or email me at
continue utk another testimonial...
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