Khamis, 23 Disember 2010

Call out to all beautiful ladies all around he world…

PB promo will ends on this 31 December

This is FINAL call!!

Because of overwhelming demand everyday…

Kat sini i nak explain all the details about the promo..

Normal price but promo price ialah RM1980-2200 ikut size..

Let me know your measurement:

-under bust

Semua in cm tau….

Then, this promo is for cash and installment by CC and Rhb Easy

1) For cash payment..

Please bank in to my acc:

will sms / call u all later..

2) For installment by CC…

Please let me know your email or fax no and i will fax the Credit Card online form…

3) For installment by Rhb Easy…

U can go to any Rhb Easy counter all around Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak…

Memang banyak sangat counter die..memang betul2 EASY!!


             shai - 0129814649


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